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It’s strange to think that one year ago tomorrow my dad passed away. Time has gone by so quickly and yet I think about him often, and him not calling me or me calling him to say “hi” or just to see how he was doing. I guess that’s all a part of life and growing older, our parents never stop feeling responsible for us, yet there comes a point in life that many times we must be responsible for them. I live not too far away from my hometown, but the rest of my family all still lives there and were able to help take care of him when he needed it and I’ll be forever grateful for that.

Dad was a tough old German. He had strong beliefs and you knew exactly where he stood on everything, no doubt! You couldn’t blame the guy for standing his ground – he had 4 daughters and one son to deal with for goodness sakes. Mix that all in with 1 bathroom for all 7 of us in the house to share and there were bound to be rules! My sisters and I still share a good laugh when we think of many of dad’s rules and opinions.

Family was number one with him. We ate as a family every night and went to church as a family, and as we got older it was always important to have everyone home for any holiday, reunion and the such. I think that’s part of why my siblings and I are all very close to this day. He also instilled in us a good work ethic. Work hard, play later was his motto! 

On the day he died, he said to me that he was so proud of all his children and wondered how it could be possible that he had so many successful children. You taught us dad, you taught us well.