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nicole kidman


I love many things German.  My grandparents on both sides of my family, the German countryside, a good German kitchen design, German knives, Mies van der Rohe designs – well you get the point.  Now while Nicole Kidman is not German, but instead Australian, I absolutely love this image of her on the cover of German Vogue.

Two things about this: One, why oh why can’t any American fashion magazines seem to “get it” like European magazines.  She looks relaxed, happy, classic, not over-done, not stiff and uber posed. Love this picture! So many of our American fashion magazines are too over done, too over -photo shopped, just too, too.

And two – Nicole Kidman looks relaxed, happy, classic, not over-done, not stiff.  Oh wait, I know I said that about the cover, but don’t you seem to notice that more about her overall in photos? Maybe it’s Keith Urban, maybe it’s motherhood and maybe it’s just that since she turned 40 several years ago she’s become more relaxed with herself and it shows.

Whatever it is you’re doing Nicole Kidman, keep it up.  We like it!

Image: Vogue