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At first look the N ARS Multiple Tintsmay seem a bit overwhelming in brightness.   I know that’s what I thought when I had a sneak peak at them in a catalog a few months back.   Then when they finally arrived in-store and could actually see them in person, I had a different point of view.

A very sheer point of view.  

Nars Blushes on Hand

Look at how sheer these actually go on – and that’s with numerous swipes back and forth of each color.    These are buildable in color and can be used on the face and/or lips.   I can’t believe I’m saying this, as I’ve been a fan of the regular Multiples for years, but I actually like these better!   These are lighter in weight and more glossier and slick than the regular Multiples.

The colors shown at top from left to right are:  Beverly Hills, Cadaqués and Turks and Caicos.   On my hand from left to right is Turks & Caicos, Cadaqués and Beverly Hills.   Available online and at NARS counters everywhere.  $38.