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When I meet people for the first time and they find out I write a beauty/skin care blog for women over 40, the first thing I typically hear out of  their mouth is “any advice for me?”  At first I didn’t know how to answer, partly because there are so many tips and words of advice that we can learn from, that I could spend the day talking!  

So recently, I sat down and compiled a list of things that I would say in such situations.   We all know by now that moisturizing your skin is important, so some of the basics I’ve left out.  These are my items on my list and I know there are countless more.   But, these have served me well over the years and I hope they help you as well.

  1. Stop smoking.  Besides it being horrible for your overall health, I can typically identify a smoker quite quickly.   Pasty, dry skin, typically more pronounced wrinkles and vertical lines around the mouth.   These are just some of the identifiers that no amount of makeup can cover up.  
  2. Keep your eyebrows full.   That doesn’t mean don’t groom them, but keep them as full and thick as possible.   If that means using a brow pencil to help fill them in, then great.  Thin eyebrows age people and overly thin eyebrows just don’t look right.  Personally mine are nowhere nearly as thick as they used to be, but I don’t leave the house without defining them with a pencil and they instantly frame my face.
  3. Wash your face every night.   I cannot believe how many people tell me they don’t wash their face every night.   If you never have, I beg of you to get into the habit now!   If you have children, especially teenagers, start them in the habit right away.   It’s never to late to get the dirt and grime off your face and let your skin care do its job! 
  4. See your dermatologist yearly.    Your dermatologist can evaluate your skin and recommend the best, most effective skin care products for you.  And while you’re there – have a skin cancer screening too.  It can save your life.
  5. Wear sunsreen!   You’ve heard this countless times, but the sun is the #1 cause of aging and it’s preventable.   Make sure you wear a broad spectrum sunscreen daily.  And just because winter is approaching that doesn’t make it OK to skip.   Even when the sun isn’t shining it’s still out there damaging your skin.
  6. Stay away from the tanning booths.   And if you aren’t using one, good for you!   But if you have a daughter or even a son that uses them, get them to stop now!   They are so terribly dangerous, prematurely age your skin and because of tanning booths, skin cancer is rising extremely rapid.
  7. Eat fruits and vegetables that are in season and from your local farmer’s market.   That may not be possible for everyone all year round, but I grew up on a farm and we would freeze our vegetables so we could have fresh from the field all year-round.  Just make sure you aren’t eating chemical laden fruits and vegetables.   Your skin and body will love you for it.
  8. Get rid of stress.   This is one I am learning to work on, but have found the best stress reliever in taking yoga classes.  Stress can do a number on our faces, bodies and overall health.  So many people that I have met that have a glow and calmness in their nature, I later learn that they are devoted to yoga.   Coincidence?  I don’t think so.
  9. Stop squinting.   Let’s face it, our eyes aren’t like they used to be and if you’re 40 or above you more than likely need readers.   It’s OK, there’s nothing to be embarrassed about and there are some really great frames to wear.   If you squint all the time it just makes the wrinkles around the eyes more prominent.   Which would you rather have – major wrinkles or a pair of fun glasses.   I’ll take the glasses. 

I hope you enjoy my list!   I’d love to hear what anti-aging tips you might have.