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I’ve been hearing the hype about Omorovicza’s Ultramoor Mud Mask, but I’ve never purchased it for myself. It’s not sold anywhere near me, so I couldn’t try it before buying. For the price, I like to test things beforehand and then I got lucky! In one of those Beauty Week events from one of the department stores I got a one-use sample.  Would it be worth the hype?

Yes, and more.


Sorry to scare you! I know mud masks are typically pasty and charcoal colored. But this one has this unusual blue/green iridescence. The mask goes on like others and dries like others – nothing special so far, until you take it off after about 15 minutes. My skin felt ahhhhmazing.  Many mud masks, because they are pulling out impurities from your skin, can leave your skin really dry and wondering if it was worth it because you need to slather on a deep moisturizer afterwards. This one left my skin feeling super soft and even quite hydrated, which completely surprised me.  My skin was soft, supple and while I did put some moisturizer on afterwards, I only used a light layer.

Ultramoor Mud Mask does gentle exfoliating, gives your skin a sense of lifting and definitely brighter and clearer.  However, the next day I had 2 breakouts and not from irritation.  I can totally tell when I break out from a reaction to breaking out to getting my skin cleaned out.  This was definitely a clean-out break-out. I knew it would happen because it had been a long time since I had taken the time for a deep mask treatment like this one. I’m not complaining or criticizing the product, it was actually working and working really well. Personally, I’d use this once every few weeks and feel like that would be plenty. Unless, if you have really oily skin, them possibly more frequently.

Made with essential oils of sage, chamomile, rosemary and rose geranium which give it the cooling and antiseptic effect.  Other marine ingredients firm the skin and leave it soft and supple with the hectorite clay that draws out impurities and hydrates the skin. I like how this one product encompasses many skincare issues – detoxifying, hydrating, firming, exfoliating, lifting.  As we get older, all these things are more important to keeping skin healthy and looking more youthful. This is definitely one product I will be purchasing.