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I began my trip to Montreal and the Daniele Henkel company by being put up at the LHotel in Old Montreal.   It’s a beautiful, quaint hotel with an amazing art collection, and the rooms are decorated in Louis Phillipe style decor.


Having never been to Montreal and after my flight delay caused me to lose out on several hours of tourist time, I knew I had to hit the ground running.   It was a gorgeous day that felt more like summer than fall at 82 degrees and sunshine, and I had also expected more fall leaf color than all the green I was seeing on the trees.

I immediately knew I’d fall in love with the area and the old French charm had me at ‘hello”.   Many of the streets are still cobblestone and the architecture I could stare at forever.   My inquisitive side wanted to go inside every building.

City Hall (above and below)

One could seriously get “lost” for days in the beauty, and lulled by the splendor of the French word.

We have a bike program like this in Minneapolis.  One pays for riding the bike and it can be returned to any bike stand like this throughout the city.  Brilliant!

On the first evening, we met with Kate from the PR company and several employees of Daniele Henkel (shown above).   We went to dinner at Ateliers & Saveurs where as a group we cooked our own dinner!   It was so much fun and I would recommend doing that with a group of friends any time! Ben, the head chef who taught us along  the way (in the brown shirt with his back to camera) was so much fun and had quite the patience with our rambunctious group!

The three knife wielding beauty bloggers!   Aly Walansky on the left, Nadine Jolie in the center and I were the three bloggers from the US who attended the event to learn about LPG Endermologie, and of course, have a fantastic time!

Our delicious meal we cooked.    Hmmm, watch out Emeril!

The fun lighting throughout was made by using silverware and glassware!

The second night there we went to a light show at Notre Dame.  It was interesting to hear the history behind this Notre Dame and how it came about from the original.  It was such a beautiful, breathtaking sight.   Unfortunately that evening I left my camera at home – so the iPhone camera is all I had to use.

After the show and tour we went to dinner with Daniele, her husband and some of  the employees of Daniele Henkel at Auberge Le Saint-Gabriel.  The building is quite eclectic with ancient stone walls mixed with traditional and contemporary and a bit of quirk – like the dinosaur spine near the entrance.   It is the oldest Inn in North America, having been built in 1754 and receiving the first liquor license.  The food was exquisite too.  Our waiter decided we didn’t have enough for dessert and brought us a pre-dessert to our dessert, and a HUGE delicious brownie to take home.

As soon as I got home I told my husband that we are definitely going back in the future!

Disclosure:  Trip was sponsored by Daniele Henkel