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Glacier Mountains

Happy Monday!  I just returned from an incredible vacation. My sister and I traveled from MN to Glacier Mts in Montana where we did sight seeing, hiking, white water rafting and more. From there we went on to Idaho and Wyoming and thru Yellowstone National Park, where the mosquitoes were just as bad in Yellowstone are they are in MN!  We had so much fun and such a beautiful part of the country and the weather was perfect. The photo above is one of many I took of Glacier National Park.

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Thank you Dana for filling in for me while I took my much needed vacation! But I guess it’s back to work and reality now, but that’s not bad either.  We have a lot of great things to discover from Jackie at Aging Backwards as she is hosting this week’s Fashion Flash. Jackie’s site gives us all kinds of advice on living well and how we can “age backwards”.   This week our group of women over 40 bloggers are discussing:

  • Best black eyeliners
  • Reuniting with high school pals
  • Health span vs. life span
  • July sales
  • Aqua workout
  • Plus size fitting rooms
  • Your true colors
  • Effortless makeup
  • Colorful cardigans
  • Is this a great eyeliner?

Have a fabulous week!