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Geri Brin

Turning 50 or 60 is about confidence and walking into a party saying “I want to be beautiful for myself”.

Several months ago I received an email from a woman who wanted to talk to me about my blog, it was Geri Brin. When Geri called me the first time I think we talked for an hour and I instantly liked her. Her intelligence, drive, support and ideas she had were inspiring. I was on a “Geri high” for several days, she’s just that type of woman.

We’ve kept in contact over the months and she told me what she had been doing to get her website up and running and the whole concept of Fab Over 50. She first started with her blog before the main website went live and just last week her Fab Over 50 website went live. I caught up with Geri by phone the other day and she took time out of her day to discuss Fab Over 50. I’m always so happy to talk with Geri again, and I wish her all the best.

What gave you the idea for Fab Over 50? My generation, I’m 62 and I don’t mind sharing my age, grew up with incredible women – family and friends. It’s truly an exceptional generation and we love to share and be supportive in every way, shape and form. We’re really the first generation of women where it wasn’t out of the ordinary to attend college, and so we influence society because we change things.

At first I wasn’t thinking about a website, but instead a book. Then I decided that a book couldn’t give me the interaction between readers that I wanted.

What did you do prior to Fab Over 50? I started my own business 12 years ago, but prior to that I worked in the publishing business as a publisher and editor.

You seem to be connecting women from all walks of life. Are you finding there is a common bond or connection between these women? Yes. I hear from women and reinventing themselves comes up all the time. You don’t have to be rich, wear fancy clothes or have a big house, yet we’ve had the ability to change what we do and change many lives. It’s not necessarily intentional that we’re reinventing ourselves, but we do share incredible passions.

You have bravely been sharing with us on your blog your procedure you had on your face. Were you nervous to expose yourself in such a way to the world? Not at all. I live a bit on the edge, not in a plane jumping kind of way, but more fun than anything. I don’t hide my age, and I didn’t hesitate to share my procedure. I wanted to look like me only more fresh, not like I was 20. When you’re over 50 you want to look good, but spending a lot of time trying to look good is not a priority.

What’s your skin care routine? You still need to treat your skin well no matter what age. I change products frequently, not for any specific reason other than I like to try new things. I do not like anything that feels greasy on my face, yet I want a good moisturizer. Part of having my procedure done I needed to have some facials done, and not ordinary facials (it’s explained on her site). I was introduced to Biologique Recherche products and they have a fabulous cream that feels so good. I also think that there are some great over-the-counter products available to women now. It’s not all about the price of a product or the fancy packaging that makes it better.

Thanks Geri! Congratulations on your success and connecting so many wonderful women!