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Say goodbye to the music videos of  the ’80’s and beyond and hello makeup movies.  

It seems to be the latest craze to catch our beauty attention.   Chanel has this fun video that makes me smile every time I see it.  This robot-like show is made completely out of Chanel beauty products.   Pure genius.

But, now whenever there is a release of lipstick it seems a video has to go with it.   I don’t believe any of these are on TV, at least I haven’t seen any here in the US, but for internet purposes mostly.  Take last year’s release of Chanel Rouge Coco lipstick.   Below is the video that was released when the lipstick came out.   I’m sure now that Rouge Coco Shine is being released in a few weeks we’ll see a video to go with that as well.  Chanel seems to do a video or mini movie as they call them each time a new beauty collection or fragrance is released. 

This is the current advertising of Rouge Coco Shine at the counters.  They’re business card size.  I’m sure the mini movie will come soon.

Dior’s latest lipstick is the new Dior Addict.   Yes, it’s the same name as before but a new, superior formula to the old Dior Addict.   This is an amazingly creamy lipstick and I highly recommend it.   Apparently so does Kate Moss – the Dior Addict model.   In fact, they created a movie on the lipstick too.

You can check out the full range of shades here too. 

And another Kate, Kate Winslet has a new video for Lancome’s yet to be released L’Absolu Nu lipstick, featuring a nude Kate wrapped in a sheet talking on the phone to sell this new lipstick.

So tell me your opinion on all these mini movie/videos.   Do you enjoy them?  Do they make you want to go out and purchase the product?  Or, are they a complete waste of time.   Me?  I actually do enjoy them, but I’m up in the air whether they make me want to purchase them or not.  I mostly like the glamour of all of them. 

On second thought, I am dying to try that lipstick shade that Kate Winslet is wearing.   However, I won’t be lying on the floor naked wearing it.