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Luminess Air


A few months ago I was getting my hair cut and colored and while there I was watching the makeup artist next to me doing the makeup for a wedding party.   She had her makeup displayed out for easy use and I recognized most of the brands of the blush and eye shadows she had, but from where I was sitting, I couldn’t read the label on the several bottles of foundation she had placed in a row.   When I asked her what they were, she told me they were Luminess Air foundations for her airbrush makeup applicator.   I was excited to watch her put the foundation on the women because I never saw in person how it works or looks. 

The first person I saw her apply the foundation on was the beautiful bride.  I watched as her skin transformed into this incredibly flawless, soft looking skin.   It truly was amazing!   The artist probably thought I was crazy with my awe, but then I told her that I was a beauty blogger, so she understood my questions and curiosity much more.   I no longer was the crazy woman.   I was just crazy in love with this product!   Next up was the mother of the bride.  She had nice skin, but certainly not as flawless as her much younger daughter, so I was curious how it would work on her.   She had some melasma on her face and a few wrinkles, but nothing major.   Luminess Air covered up all the melasma and made her wrinkles look, well, airbrushed, like you see (or actually don’t see) on models in the magazines.   Again, I was shocked at how flawless her skin looked.   But, this was a trained makeup artist – could I really have the same flawless skin by using Luminess Air on my own?

Well, I had the opportunity to use the Luminess Air Pro system and have to admit I was a bit skeptical at first.   By no means am I a professional makeup artist, but the pro kit made it simple.   It includes everything you need in a silver carrying case – a few foundation shades, the unit itself, a highlighter, bronzer and blush and a video for watching so you learn how to use it correctly from the beginning.  But it’s all very easy.   A few drops of foundation in the spray unit, and turn it on and spray in a circular motion to get a flawless look.

Luminess Air

The first time I used it I had some splotchy areas I missed or was too heavy-handed.   The second time, I got it just right.  It made my wrinkles and pores look practically invisible.   I was surprised at how easy it was to use, and the silver kit/pack makes it easy to store – everything fits right inside.   My next step is to try the blush and bronzer that comes with the kit, too.  

Bottom line – I highly recommend, it’s easy to use, and I’m just as impressed with my application as I was with the professional makeup artists work.   It’s like it was made especially for women over 40!