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L’Oreal has this new eye shadow compact called “The One Sweep”.    It comes in a range of colors that are predetermined by them to work with your eye color; blue, green; brown or natural.    For each color there are 2 sets of shadows, one in a more natural look and the other in a more daring color combination.

There’s a sponge applicator with the set that is large and supposed eye lid shaped.   The concept of this shadow compact is to sweep the applicator across the shadows to pick up all 3 shades all at once and apply them to your eyes and they will magically come out on your eyes like they are on the palette.   

I’m not buying it.   This seems way too gimmicky for me!   I like the trio color combinations, but that whole sweep of shadows seems like press-on nails for the eyes.   I’d love to hear what you think.