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Day four of the mascara review week is L’Oreal’s latest  to their extensive mascara line, Telescopic Explosion.  It is one of the most unusual brushes around, except for a really expensive version from another line.    It looks like a Flail, rather scary to put by your eyes, but trust me it’s not – Mel Gibson in Braveheart is not going to pop out of the tube and attack you.

The concept of this unusual brush is to get every angle of the brush to touch your lashes.   That concept makes sense, as how many times do you take a long brush and turn it length-wise to get into the corner lashes, or even the bottom lashes.   It’s just that it feels a little odd at first because never have I tried a brush that was shaped like this.


So, how does it actually perform?  Well, once you get used to the brush (it only takes a day to get the groove) it really does get every single lash – even those teeny tiny corner lashes.


I didn’t get a huge amount of volume, but it definitely enhanced the length and got every single tiny lash.   I especially like how it defined my lower lashes.  Again there was no clumping or flaking, and it’s not drying on my lashes either.  Check out Total Beauty’s reveiw board to see what others think.

This retails for $10.59, and at the end of my mascara review week, I’ll have a contest to give away 3 tubes of this mascara!

I’d love to hear what you think about the mascaras so far – please leave your thoughts in comments.