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I’m a dork – I admit it.   I still love the Huey Lewis and The News song “It’s Hip to be Square”, and when I see the L’Oreal HIP logo, that song always comes into my head, and I’m sure it will be with me all day.

   OK now on to business.


The L’Oreal  HIP (High Intensity Pigment) line, well overall I think the line is too youthful for those of us over 40.   The colors are extremely vibrant and shocking.  However, that being said there are a few things in the line worth taking a look at like this Kohl Eyeliner.   I’ve been testing the shades charcoal and gold.    The charcoal is a beautiful shade, the gold however just doesn’t seem to make sense to me as an eyeliner.  It’s more of a shadow color than liner color.    The brush is built into the package and it is a very stiff brush that rather frightened me to put it near my eye, thinking clumsy me would poke an eye out!   I thought that maybe this was a liquid, but when I opened it I realized – oh no, it’s a powder, and a powder that flakes all over.    Personally, I am not loving this product.   If the brush was more soft and manageable and the powder stuck to the brush better instead of flaking all over, it’d be a great product.   I just don’t have time to deal with the mess to make it look great. $11.99


4489701 Now this Color Presso I like!   Also part of the HIP collection, this is two little lip gloss tubes in one so you can create several lip looks.  Once I figured out how to open the package I really love this.   And, I’m not the only one who couldn’t figure out how to get this open – my sister had difficulty as well!  Pull the bottom off to reveal a slanted top with two small holes – one for each color.  You can squeeze both shades out or just one at a time to create the gloss look you like.   It’s a creamy, not shimmery, very nice textured gloss.   I even used this to top my sister’s lipstick when I did her makeup for a wedding this past week.  It comes in several duo shades and I would definitely look into buying more of these.   It surely fits the Beauty on a Budget scale too at $12.99 for 2 glosses.

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