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The title of this Lorac “Breakthrough Performance” sounds more like a new car than a foundation for your face!


All joking aside, if you’re looking for a oil-free foundation, that is moisturizing, has SPF, contains additional anti-aging properties, then this Lorac foundation may be one you like.

When I was younger I was extremely oily and was thrilled when I discovered the Lorac Cosmetics line.   Created by Carol Shaw (Carol spelled backwards is Lorac) a makeup artist to many celebrities, had a difficult time finding makeup to use that was oil-free, yet not drying.    So she created her own line with oil-free being the focus.   Her foundation was all I used for years.   Then after several years, I moved on.   It wasn’t because I didn’t like the line, I just expanded my horizons, and for some odd reason didn’t go back.

Now ladies, you may think “I need moisture so this isn’t for me”.   Wrong!   Yes, you do need moisture, but just because it’s oil-free doesn’t mean that you aren’t getting moisture.   This contains peptides, vitamin A and vitamin E and SMS complex – a complex created to aid in cell turnover (which keeps your skin young looking). 

I love the twist-pop lid on this – it keeps the pump clean and clump free.  I recommend using a primer underneath – primers create a smooth barrier on your face to help hide imperfections.  I found this applies best after warming it up a bit and applying with your fingers.  It truly glides on and creates very smooth, soft looking skin with medium flawless coverage.  I’m a shade 3.  $38

Lorac, I’m back.