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Life can be stressful enough without the added pressure of all the holiday events going on.  Shopping, parties, baking, families, the list goes on.   It can all make us forget about winding down and thinking of what our own needs are.  Well, Lisa Hoffman Beauty has tapped into that inner need of relaxing and heightening our sense of scent.  

The new candle collection in Madagascar Orchid and Japanese Agarwood scents are certain to be a big hit.   I saw a few months back on the Lisa Hoffman Facebook Fan page (are you a fan yet?) that they were developing these candles and I was so thrilled.   If you’ve read this blog you know what a fan I am of the Japanese Agarwood scent, and the thought of a candle in that fragrance to permeate my home sounded heavenly.  

But, I had no idea how absolutely wonderful the LHB candle would be until I received one in the Madagascar Orchid scent.   I wasn’t familiar with Madagascar Orchid scent prior to this candle and it is simply divine!   Mr. Fab lit the candle the other evening and when I was coming down the staircase I began to smell it and wondered what that wonderful scent was.   As I got closer I realized it was this candle, but then as you get closer still you can hear the crackling of the wooden wick.   It’s like a mini version of the logs in my fireplace crackling.   I mean, what says “home” more than a lovely fragrance and a crackling fire, especially when it’s winter outside.

The best advice I can offer to relax and enjoy your surroundings is to get one of these candles.   Every time it is lit, I say to anyone who is listening, “I LOVE this candle!”   I’m actually enjoying the peace and quiet in my home right now with my Christmas tree lit, my Chris Botti “December” CD quietly playing, my LHB candle lit and typing away on my computer.   I couldn’t ask for anything more relaxing right now.