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I’m continuing the Economical vs. Expensive comparisons. Today I am still on the lipstick bandwagon and this time I am comparing Shu Uemura and L’Oreal. The top gold case is the L’Oreal, and the clear case is Shu Uemura.

L’Oreal is known for their wide range of formulas and colors and is readily available at drugstores and discount stores. I recently purchased a color from their Nudes collection called Organza #863. The color is simply what the collection implies. It’s a very natural light brownish color with quite a bit of shimmer. I like the color, I really do, but I just can’t seem to get past the smell of the L’Oreal lipsticks. I know I can be hyper sensitive to smells and this is no exception. I figure it must be me, because L’Oreal is one of the largest cosmetics companies in the world so they must be doing something right! It sells for approx. $5.99

My “Expensive” comparison is Shu Uemura. This is a brand that I’ve just recently started using after hearing many great things about the line. They are especially known for their quality brushes. The lip color I purchased is Rouge Unlimited in Pink Beige. When I look at the color in the tube, I think to myself “that will look brown and dull on me”, but when I put it on it is nothing but. It’s very moisturizing and ultrasmooth, and very much like my natural lip color only better. It is not as shimmery as the L’Oreal Organza and I really don’t see very much pink in the color, so it’s the perfect shade for swiping on your lips if you want to look just a bit more polished. This lipstick sells for $23 at department stores.

In the future, watch for comparisons on eye makeup remover, foundations, and much more…