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 or a bottle of perfume. 

You’re probably thinking, what?   There is a reason to my madness.  I’ll get to that later.   But first, these Calvin Klein fragrances.  

Beauty, the newest addition to the Calvin Klein family of fragrances comes in this gorgeous bottle – a heavy oval with thick glass encased in metal along the sides and a sleek metal top.  It’s not for the delicate little flower type of person, but someone who shows confidence and strength.   The fragrance is lovely with neo-lily, jasmine and cedarwood. 

I think this is great for day as it’s not too heavy, so wearing it to work or anywhere in close quarters would not be offensive.   It’s not overly sweet either, just a lovely mid-toned scent.  Priced from $50-$85 depending on size of bottle.



Euphoria by Calvin Klein in a sleek, modern bottle, reminds me of the deeper, richer sister to Beauty.  Euphoria has a more oriental note to it making it a creamier, seductive fragrance, perfect for evening.   When I applied this, Mr. Fab said he really, really liked this fragrance on me.  I like it as well and will be wearing it to my office Christmas party tonight along with a few sequins and heels.  

Now, on to the chocolates.   Throughout the month of December, with every Calvin Klein Euphoria purchase in either mens or women’s version of the fragrance, you get a box of very delicious Lake Champlain chocolates!   Euphoria is priced from $45 – $78 and available at department store.

Product was sent to me for condiseration of review.