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Bergdorf Goodman carries an exclusive line called le Metier de Beaute.  Have you heard of it before?   Many people I have spoken with have not, but let me tell you, their cosmetics are elegant.

The colors are like some that you’ve never seen before in combinations that are dazzling.   Take the Roopal Patel Collection shown above.   One look at it and I was intrigued, but thought no way could someone over the age of 24 wear some of those colors.   Well I was wrong.

Dustin and the team at Bergdorf’s in NYC convinced me to have a seat and let them try them on me – makeup washes off after all, so I was game.  The palette has some obvious strikingly strong colors – like the vibrant yellow and intense orange, but also some colors I truly love like the shades of purple and the charcoal that is to die for.   But guess what they used on me – yes the yellow and orange!   I was actually quite surprised at how wearable they actually are.   Many of the shades can be worn for cheeks and lips as well, so the palette is multi-purpose which is good for the price – which is steep.

Now granted, these are probably not colors I would wear every day, but then a wash of the grey and highlighted with the soft pink and it toned it into something beautiful and completely wearable by day.  See that’s the thing with this line that I hear from Dustin often – “Women, stop being afraid of color!”   Hmmm, I believe that was a theme I was hearing while in NYC and I’m trying to relay the message home. 

You may find this great Kaleidoscope palette more wearable and still have beautiful color on your eyes.   Their Kaleidoscope Kits are fabulous – they come in a variety of color options.


The kits also are available in a variety of lip shades as well.   I had a few compliments the other day when I wore one of these lip shades.  


Be sure to stop by and see Dustin if you’re at Bergdorfs in NYC.  He’ll be sure to show you how to apply color correctly.