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Laura Mercier Summer

The Laura Mercier Summer 2013 Collection is called Folklore – a rich, earthy, tribal look and I call it beautiful.  It’s one of my favorite looks I’ve seen come out so far for summer 2013 collections. I mean seriously. look how gorgeous this looks on her – those eyes are stunning and the warmth of the bronze and a touch of pink on the lips to keep it from looking too dark or boring.  I grabbed up a few pieces and love them both.  I may go back and get an eye shadow as well.

Ritual Baked Bronzer

Of course the pieces are limited edition, including this baked blush bronzer called Ritual. It’s a mixture of 5 colors that are hand mixed and baked on a tile.

Laura Mercier Ritual

There are a few reasons I really like blush bronzer – it’s not a flat, one dimension color, it adds a lot of warmth to the face and it just needs a light hand to get a summer glow look.  I haven’t always been a huge fan of baked beauty products, but this has definitely changed my mind.
Laura Mercier Summer Collection Eye Shadows

There are three new eye shadows in the collection and they seem to have a lot of shimmer in them.  However, as I was checking them out I was called away to meet with someone and I didn’t get a full, true look at them by testing them.  These color images do nothing for how pretty they are in person – especially the center color.  The trio of colors top to bottom are named: Sun Glow, Fire Glow and Earth Glow.  Laura Mercier Summer Collection Lip Crayons

The Lip Crayons caught my eye as well and I grabbed up the pink shade called Folklore.  The other two shades are – on the left Burnt Clay and right is Mayan Sun.

Folklore Folklore Crayon

The Lip Crayons are a chubby pencil that never needs sharpening, which is a huge plus.  They are quite creamy and can go on sheer or layer for a more intense look.  I hope she makes these a permanent part of the collection and add an assortment of shades as they’re that good. 

Overall this is definitely a summer 2013 collection that is worth taking the time to check out. And remember as with all limited edition products, once they’re gone, they’re gone.