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Laura Mercier, known as the creator of the “Flawless Face” has now added a new oil free foundation as an additional option in creating the Flawless Face. This newest foundation is called Oil Free Suprême Foundation. Made in 12 shades and with soothing aloe and green leaf tea extract for anti-aging purposes, this will be a permanent addition to the Laura Mercier line.

When I first tested this foundation, I immediately noticed that it didn’t agree with my skin. It separated on my face and quite frankly looked bad. I was telling the sa at the Laura Mercier counter my experience with it and she asked me if I had used it with a primer, which I had. She suggested trying it either without a primer or using an oil-free primer.  Since I didn’t have an oil-free primer, the next day I used it without using a primer and I used a sponge (as recommended, but didn’t see that recommendation at first) for applying. What an amazing difference it makes when following the “rules”!  It was like a completely different foundation, and much, much better this time around.  It didn’t separate one bit, had a nice soft, diffused matte finish to it and a medium coverage that is buildable to a more full coverage. I am anxious to see how this will work with my skin in a few months when my skin is in its typical full-blown summer oily mode.

Hitting stores this April, the Oil Free Suprême Foundation is silicone free and fragrance free. Along with the aloe and green leaf tea extract, this foundation also has vitamins A & E, panthanol – a hydrating agent that improves skin’s natural moisture barrier, and silica to absorb oils and keep skin looking smooth.

Laura Mercier Oil Free Supreme Foundation was sent for consideration of review. Results are mine and your results may vary.