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Laura Mercier has this new limited edition Custom Artist Portfolio that is just making way to the stores now. It’s part of the whole limited edition Custom Animation Collection and I am certainly fascinated about this collection!

Lets start with the Laura Mercier Limited Edition Portfolio called Custom Artist Portfolio – This isn’t a makeup bag, it’s infinitely more than that.  It’s a brush-keeper, an organizer, a travel must-have, a beauty and skincare holder and more, all in one. When I received an image of this, I had imagined the overall size somewhere around an 8 x 5.  I was wrong, as it is much larger than that.  It’s approximately 12 x 10 and over 2″ deep. As you can see from the image above there is a zip out center that holds eight or more brushes. It has a nice flap to protect any color that may be on the brushes from getting all over. The zip out makes it convenient to use the brushes on their own or within the portfolio. On the left and right are magnetized pouches – not annoying Velcro, so they easily pop in and out.  There are two equal size pouches and then one small and one larger one.  The larger one can hold full-sized products like the Tinted Moisturizer etc. The small pouch above is a great place to store things like lip glosses, lipsticks or the Eye Basics.  The two other pouches (shown on left) are large enough to hold the 3 and 6 Well Custom Compacts each (which are included empty).  The outer case is a rigid outer shell that is metallic snake skin print.  I like that it is a harder case and won’t crush the products inside when traveling. $98.

Also part of the Animation Collection are new limited edition colors and a few permanent colors. All the colors can be purchased individually and kept in their small little cases or removed and put into the 3 and/or 6 Well Custom Compacts.

The individual compacts easily pop out of their small cases and lift the grid on the 3 or 6 Well Custom Compact, fit the color in and snap it down to create your own customized palette.  They’re great for travel or home and you get your very own customized look.


Lip Glaze – available in 3 Limited Edition Shades $20

Soft Pink
Lotus Bloom




Second Skin Cheek Colour (permanent) bringing the total to 18 Second Skin Cheek Colors $24
New are:

Heather Pink
Peach Whisper
Soft Iris
Honey Mocha
Sweet Mandarin


Eye Colours – Limited edition shades $22

Merlot Sateen (was in the holiday palette too)
Golden Creme Luster
Seashell Pink Sateen





Sheer Cream Colour – Limited edition  $22
These three are simply gorgeous shades of a soft veil of color.

Pearl Glow Veil
Pink Cheek Veil
Bronze Veil