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We all have become obsessed with eyelashes.    I’ve heard more about eyelashes in this last year than years and years combined.   We want long, full, thick, amazing lashes no matter what age we are.   Lashes make the eyes pop.   Lashes are more simple than eye shadows.   Lashes are more simple than foundation.   Lashes are more simple than blush or bronzer.   You can’t go wrong with lashes and something as simple as mascara.

LashFood has added to their popular Natural Eyelash Conditioner $120 with LashFood Conditioning Eyeliner $21 and LashFood Drama Mascara $27. 

Use the Natural Eyelash Conditioner along the lash line in the evening, use the eyeliner and mascara during the day to give your eyelashes the 1-2-3 beauty punch!   Made from natural ingredients including herbal extracts and are dermatology tested  

This all makes me wonder, if you don’t have the funds to invest $120 in the Eyelash Conditioner, will the Conditioning Eyeliner and Drama Mascara give you the same results if you use those two together?   I’d love to hear if anyone has tried this combo or a portion of the combo and what your success has been.  LashFood has the set of three on sale now thru 2/15.   I think most everyone who uses eyelash conditioners has a least some degree of success, and this one with natural ingredients has me tempted to try because I don’t want to risk the color of my eyes, which is a side effect of other brands.