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Having oily skin is a blessing and a curse, according to my dermatologist.   It can keep the wrinkles at bay longer than those with dry skin, but who wants to walk around looking like they dipped their face in vegetable oil?  OK that’s an exaggeration, but those of us with summer oily skin know what I mean.  

Some foundations that are mattifying can make your skin look dry and pasty and unnatural, even if they do keep the oil away.  But I don’t want that either.   So I was anxious to try Lancome’s newest foundation Teint Idole Fresh Wear.   It’s a lightweight long-lasting foundation that is supposed to keep your skin shine free for up to 18 hours.   Much better than the promise of shine free skin with matte, pasty foundation.   Besides, Sandy Linter said it was one of her summer must-haves so I had high hopes for me too.

Call me Mrs. Crabby-Pants (as my husband is irritatingly calling me today), but I tried this foundation several times in the terrible face oil-inducing humidity we’ve been having and I did not have such luck.  Seriously, my face can be that oily.    I think if I had mild oiliness it would work great.  Or maybe a summer day when the humidity isn’t quite so bad.   But within 4 hours of using this, I was already oily, and that occurred each time I tried it.  Dang! 

One day while getting ready to go out and not giving my sunless tanning lotion enough time to produce color on my pasty legs, I decided to get creative.   I used Teint Idole Fresh Wear on my legs.   It gave nice coverage, smoothed out the look of a few spider veins and didn’t transfer on to my clothes at all.  I wasn’t looking for a tan color from this, just some concealing of things that tanned legs can hide.  So I guess you can say I’ve found an alternative use for this Lancome foundation.  Not one I’m sure they’d advertise as being its purpose, but one that worked for me! 

Product sent to me for testing