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Lancome’s newest lipstick is L’Absolu Nu.  You know, THE one in the video of Kate Winslet that I showed you several days ago.  It’s a collection of 16 shades not necessarily nude in color, but lightweight, nude feeling on the lips.    

The case is shaped like the L’Absolu Rouge lipsticks, but the L’Absolu Nu cases have the Lancome rose icon printed down the front. Shown above and below is the shade Rose Veil.  In the video Kate wore Rose Veil and Sheer Raspberry liner (shown above and below) on her lips and it looked like it was the kind of shade that so many skin tones could wear.   A very desirable shade. In reality and in the image of Kate on the website it looks different than the video.  

Below, I am wearing Sheer Raspberry liner and Rose Veil lip color.    

I wish I had the full lips that Kate Winslet has, but sadly I don’t.   On me, this comes across more bluish pink tone in person than it looked in the video on Kate Winslet.   I think the video it looks a bit more warmer toned and more nude, but truly, that’s to be expected with any print – the colors never exact.  Also in the video, I felt the lipstick looked like it had a bit more coverage, but it is much more sheer than anticipated.   The sheer liner is really nice as well,  but didn’t offer more coverage if that is what you are looking for.

All the same, I do like this shade and the lipstick a lot.  It is lightweight, sheer, and creamy which with the Pro-Xylane it’s moisturizing as well.  There is quite a bit of shine to this lipstick – however, not shimmery. 

Oh, and since I’ve been wearing this I’ve yet to roll around on the floor nude – just in case you were wondering.