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Hello, my name is Kari, and if you haven’t already noticed I’m a mascara addict.   I must at all times own at least one Lancôme mascara in my repertoire of mascaras.  Don’t you?  Seriously – there is a Lancôme mascara for everyone no matter what your mascara desire may be.   I’ve used the Hypnôse Custom Volume before and have loved it, so I was anxious to try their latest version Hypnôse Drama

This new Drama version gives my lashes incredible length – talk about dramatic!   This morning when I applied the mascara I had to touch up my eye shadow in five spots because my lashes were so long that they were touching my eyelids.  I might as well have applied my mascara first before my shadow.  

Now I know better and will use my “non-smear” trick so I don’t get eyelid smudges any more.   What’s that you say?   Well, I partially close my eyes after applying mascara and take my hands and flap at my eyes to create a breeze to dry my mascara.   That, or if I have my blow dryer out yet I put it on the cool setting and aim it at my eyes for a brief moment.   Instant dry and no smudge.   Give it a try – it works wonders.



So now you know my thoughts on the length – what about the volume?  I would say the volume is on a scale of 1-5 in volume with 5 being super voluminous, I’d give it a 4.   It’s not the most volume I’ve seen in a mascara, but actually quite a bit.   It’s more volume than their Oscillation mascara if you have ever tried that.

The brush is a unique slight “S” shape that helps to get around the shape of your eye.  I did not experience any flaking or smudging.   Unlike the Avon mascara which when I touched my eyelashes later in the day they felt like there was nothing on them – this mascara I could tell that I had mascara on.  It wasn’t like my eyelashes were dry or felt like they would break off when you touched, you just noticed you have mascara on.

Hypnôse Drama is available at Lancôme online or Sephora exclusively.  At the end of the Mascara Review Week I have one tube of this for a giveaway too!