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Lancome has created a new, limited edition lipstick in honor of the 75th Anniversary of Lancome.   In the US it is exclusive to Saks. This sleek silver metal case is styled after the Eiffel Tower and there are only 4 shades in this small, but “wow” collection.   The shades are Rouge Kiki; the deepest, plummiest looking shade of the 4, Rose Daria; which looks like a light/medium rose shade, Beige Edith; which appears to be a warmer beige with golden and brown and Rose Sarah; which appears to be deeper rose, but not as deep as Rouge Kiki.

These lipsticks were actually part of the Fall 2010 French Coquettes collection that was available in Canada and possibly elsewhere, just not the US.   To me, and I haven’t confirmed this at all, the shade Rose Daria looks more like the lipstick shade that Daria is actually wearing on the image for the French Coquettes collection than the Rose Divine lipstick that it says she is wearing.    

I don’t see this online at Saks website, so you may have to call to order.   $40 each.   212-753-4000.

Image:  Lancome Canada