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The other day I told you about Lancome Celebrity Makeup Artist Sandy Linter being at Bergdorf Goodman today. I hope if you are in the NY area you were able to make an appointment to meet with Sandy.

I was lucky enough to be able to ask her what are the biggest mistakes that women over 40 do when it comes to using makeup:

1. Don’t re-powder throughout the day. On mature skin, too much powder can cause your makeup to look flaky. If you get oily, use blotting papers.
I am completely guilty of re-applying powder throughout the day, especially in summertime when I’m more oily. I will definitely be taking out the blotting papers now!

2. Don’t over use concealer. The skin under your eyes gets thinner as you age and too much concealer can sit in wrinkles. When applying concealer, always start with less than you think you need. You can add more if needed, but the idea is to use as little as possible.

3. Use a lip liner to help prevent lipstick from bleeding. I like to use a neutral-toned lip liner and lipstick. Try Lancôme’s Le Lipstique in Bronzelle and Le Rouge Absolu in Tawny Rose, both are get neutral shades.

When it comes to concealer I have experienced that myself. I know if my eye area is particularly dark I tend to want to always put more concealer on and it’s true – my eyes always end up looking worse because the wrinkles show up more defined that way.

And I will definitely have to check out the lip liner and lipstick!

Thanks so much Sandy for giving all of us great advice!