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Did you happen to catch Joan Rivers on The Letterman Show last night?   Or how about her movie/documentary “A Piece of Work”?   I saw the movie last week and watched her on Letterman last night.   Personally, I think she is funny and whether you like her or not, if you see the movie you will have a high admiration for her and her work ethic.   She is a work-horse and never likes to have her calendar empty.   At 77, when most people are either retired or thinking of retirement, she still wants to beat the competition and have her daily calendar completely filled.

One thing that comes across in the movie are some of her insecurities.   Obviously with all her plastic surgery her looks seem to be her biggest insecurity to those of us on the outside.   She has often joked that her mother used to call her ugly as a child.   It makes you wonder if that is true or just another one of her jokes.   Even last night Letterman asked her if she liked how she looked and what she saw when she woke up in the morning.    Her answer?   A laugh.  

From watching the movie you see that she knows people are always making fun of her looks, but it begs the question to be answered, then why keep on doing it?    Only Joan can answer that for herself and she really doesn’t owe us an explanation, even though it really would help us to understand why.  But come hell or high water she wants to be the oldest comic standing – beating out even George Burns who lived to 100.

Maybe she will have the last laugh.