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Jemma Kidd

Have you checked out the JK Jemma Kidd for Target line?  There are some great pieces in the line, the quality is usually fabulous and worth the price.  If you think there is a “but…” here, you are correct.   I do not think all of the line has great prices for being “Designer glamour without department store prices” as Target touts for the JK Jemma Kidd, Pixi and Napoleon Perdis lines.   I do however, feel that Sonia Kashuk line is a more overall value priced line of beauty available at Target.  

Again, with that said, I do own several of the Jemma Kidd pieces because I do like the quality and I was able to test them at the store.   However, I feel the prices are comparable to say MAC, which is a department store line.     So Target, you do have me a bit torn on these 3 lines and your marketing.

But, I did find this Show Stopper Water Resistant Bronzer intriguing enough to try.   I like the size (3 1/2″ diameter) so it’s large enough to use a big brush for applying not only on your face, but on the body.   The overlay pattern of the flowers and logo are pretty – but disappear after one use.  I also liked that it is water resistant, so you can wear this outside and if you perspire a bit or tend to get oily during the day it won’t run off your face.

Jemma Kidd closeup

I was a bit hesitant because I thought the shade would be too dark for my fair skin.  If I had applied this using a regular dense bronzer brush, it would have been too thick and heavy and come across as not a realistic shade on my pale skin.   But, when I applied it with a brush that wasn’t as dense, it went on lightly and gave a beautiful summer tan glow.

However, for those of us with sensitive skin a word of warning.   After wearing this for about half an hour, my skin started getting red and irritated and I had to take it off.   This may not irritate you, but it did my skin.   I guessing it had to do with the water resistant ingredients.  

Maybe I’ll stick to the other JK Jemma Kidd products for now.