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Jennifer Grey

There was no putting baby in the corner last night!   Jennifer Grey walked away with the Dancing With The Stars Mirror Ball trophy last evening.   

I’ve been watching DWTS this season and was shocked at who ended up as the final 3.   Jennifer was fabulous from the beginning, and even though Kyle and Bristol had vastly improved, I’m not so certain they deserved to make it as far as the did.   Oh the power of the teens and Tea Party with their phones!   But in the end, the judges wouldn’t have it, and saw Jennifer for what she was – the true champ!

At 50, and the oldest woman to win the trophy,  she looks stunning and fit.  Even though the competition did take a toll on her body and emotions, she pulled thru like a champ.  How many people would dance like she did with the injuries she had and even the ruptured disc she received from the night before?  Oh the perseverance!    Maybe Patrick Swayze had a little twinkle in his eye looking down on her.  🙂

Way to show the youngsters that being over 40 really is fabulous!

Image ABC