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Meet the face behind some of the most famous faces – Nico Guilis.  Nico, a well known makeup artist whose work has graced the faces of such celebrities and models as Sienna Miller, Katherine Heigl, Bar Refaeli and magazines such as Allure, Rolling Stone, Nylon and more.  As the makeup artist for The Luxury Collection’s premiere original short film “Here”, she is also a world traveler herself.  Nico became a makeup artist at the very young age of 14 and was inspired by her weekly oil painting classes and her mother’s makeup studio. She quickly rose to the top in her field after assisting other well-known makeup artists and now has a solo career and lives in New York.

Since Nico is in the beauty business and has access to nearly any product available, I figured she would have invaluable insight as to what are some fabulous travel beauty products that are must-haves.  Nico shares her list of essentials with Fab Over 40.

“The key to being a well prepared traveler is to have essential items that fit in one bag and can refresh and hydrate you after long travel days/jet lag.” Nico Guilis

  • Coco Rouge Baume – Chanel’s lip balm
  • Chanel Hand Cream
  • Chanel Bronzer
  • Rose Water Face Spray
  • Mascara
  • Chanel Ultra Precision Eye Cream
  • Chanel Eclat Mask (hydrating mask)
  • Hair Powder
  • Roll-on essential oil
  • Moisture and tint
  • Sunglasses