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What an amazing day on Saturday, February 26th!   I was asked by Aveeno and Recyclebank to be an Aveeno Ambassador for the year and since Aveeno is a sponsor of the Independent Spirit Awards (ISA’s) they have a product tent at the event.   Several bloggers were asked to talk about the product to anyone (celebrities included) who came into our tent.   The ISA ceremony was going on right next to our tent, and we were able to watch it live in our tent.   It’s quite relaxed compared to the “big” award night, The Academy Awards.    The ISA’s were hosted by Joel McHale of “The Soup” and “Community” and did an excellent job.   Maybe they should think about hiring him for the Academy Awards next year!

Our group of bloggers arrived a few hours before the start of the awards and actually had to walk the red carpet among some of the celebrities already there!   Taye Diggs – I stood right next to him (and I’m taller than him), Illeana Douglas, Anne Heche were a few on the runway when we got there.  Security pushed us through quickly and wouldn’t let us take photos at that time because the real press, which they were about 10 people deep the whole length of the red carpet (actually grey) were literally screaming the names of the stars so they would look at them.  It was crazy!   As one of the bloggers said to me – “Well, that’s a bucket list item – walking the red carpet!”   So true! 

Once we made our way to our tent and settled in, I and a few others decided to wander a bit and soak in the festivities.   I managed to find my way back to the end of the red carpet and stood there next to Kelly from Gouldylox Reviews and took a few photos.  They are actually my fuzzy photos because at that point I just had my bad phone camera with me.  

Then when the awards actually started I headed back to the Aveeno tent and decided to stand outside the tent for a bit of fresh air when I realized that several of the stars were walking right past our tent as they went from backstage to the press tent.   That’s where I got most of my great photos.   Some of them were super nice, like Mark Ruffalo, who stopped and had his photo taken with a few from our group – till his wife pulled him away!   Dale Dickey was on a high from winner her award.  She was incredibly nice and gracious.  Nicole Kidman is by far the tallest woman in Hollywood, as most of them like Natalie Portman are very petite. 

Afterwards, Aveeno had a cocktail party for us at the Viceroy hotel, an incredibly chic hotel designed by Kelly Wearstler.  Several of the stars that were at the ISA’s also were at the Viceroy – like Jon Hamm, but that wasn’t the place to take photos.    The night ended back at Shutters on the Beach where I saw Sandra Oh and Dave Chapelle (not together) come into the hotel while I was listening to jazz music in the lobby/lounge.  

Not in my wildest dreams would I ever imagine that I’d be able to go to such an amazing event.  But thanks to Aveeno who sponsored my trip, it truly was a dream come true!  

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