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And it was exactly what I needed!

Like I’m sure all of you, I’ve been going a little stir crazy at times and I had to do a little online shopping. After looking at Hourglass Cosmetics and selecting a few items, I received an email that they do online Zoom beauty lessons for free! So you might be asking yourself, but on Zoom? Do they really see what you look like, how can they recommend actual colors for you etc. I admit, I was skeptical at first too, but hey, it was free so why not give it a try!

Well, I was more than thrilled with my time! Vanessa was the artist that I met with on Zoom and quite amazing! Before our meeting I filled out some options of discussion topics they offer, such as general, brows, eyes etc. I was feeling that I needed an update or change for working from home and how to be ready for an unplanned meeting that could be in 30 min, or even a casual, yet polished look. I also have one eye that has a noticeably heavier lid, making my eyes look uneven especially in photos. I needed help in addressing how to make that appear less prominent.

I’m not gonna lie, I wanted to be more prepared for the consult, but “emergencies” had prevented that from happening. Vanessa was super kind and made me feel a little better about how I was looking that day. With no make up, hair in a pony (and probably not washed for several days) we had our Hourglass Zoom beauty lesson!

She started out with a brief discussion on skincare and addressed my redness with my nose and chin area. She suggested Veil Primer to help cut redness and keep foundation in place better. We discussed what kind of foundation I like (lightweight and dewy) and she suggested the Illusion Hyaluronic Skin Tint in Ivory and applying it with a big fluffy brush to airbrush it out. She even got the shade perfectly! Are we all dealing with dark circles under our eyes? It’s been a lifelong issue with me. I had their newest concealer, Vanish Airbrush but the color was all wrong. Silk shade was just too pasty on me. Vanessa suggested Pearl for correcting color to help with dark circles and Cedar to cover.

To finish off the face she suggested the Ambient Lighting palette and taking a large fluffy brush over all 3 colors and go over your face making the “3” from the temple, cheek and down to neck. This can even be used on the lids for a shadow, too. Top with a color like Soft Plum on the cheeks for a hint of blush.

For my eye shadow she suggested the Graphik Myth palette. Very neutral like I wanted, but applying for my uneven eye is the key. She suggested I take the second color and use all over the lid as a starting place and then blend with the first shade. The taking a brush that is tapered all around and using the 4th shade in the corner working in. The key here is to look straight into the mirror and placing the shadow so it looks even to the other eye. The placement may not be exactly in the same place on each eye, but when you look straight on, you then know where to place the color. She likes to use the “wheels on the bus and wiper” effect. In the far outer corner using the tapered brush swirl in circles to define the corner and sweep it in like a wiper to blend it out.

To finish the eyes she suggested a hint of shimmer by taking the Scattered Light Glitter Eyeshadow in Champagne and tapping my finger in it and dabbing my lid with the color. I admit I was most skeptical of this product as the word “glitter’ turned me off. It’s turned out to be one of my favorite things! Lastly take the Mechanical Gel Eye Liner along the lashline and taking a liner smudge brush to soften it and top it with the Caution Extreme mascara.

My brows are disappearing and fast! Ugh.She had a few suggestions – not to tweeze for 6 weeks and use Grande Brow and Enhancing Serum. Here again, I was using all the wrong shades for pencil and gel. I was using warm color and they never felt right. She suggested the Platinum Blonde Micro Sculpting Pencil to fill in bare spots, then use the Sculpting Pencil in Soft Brunette for all over and to keep them in place and fill in with fibers use Blonde Brow Volumizing Gel. She also suggested on days when I want to have more full brows, but not necessarily “perfect” ones, use just the Sculpting Pencil and Volumizing Gel. Now my brows look polished and I love the shades I’m using. They don’t scream “fake” and blend in nicely with my skintone.

And lastly, she suggested to top with a lip gloss. Unreal High Shine in Prose would be a great one for me. I actually had this shade, but the label had come off so I wasn’t sure if it was the same one or not. She also suggested a few lipsticks in the Confession Ultra Slim in shades When I Was and I’m Addicted.

Would I recommend doing this to anyone? YES! It was fun, Vanessa was spot on with shades for me and had some excellent tips!

Shortly after our fun “makeover” I received a list of all the products she suggested, so there wasn’t any pressure to buy, buy, buy! But, of course I did! They had their Friends and Family sale going on so I saved 20% on what I purchased. Now I feel Zoom ready and just overall updated with my look!