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Is your makeup working for you in the best way possible? Consider this when selecting your makeup – try to think of it in terms of wardrobing your makeup. You don’t always wear the same pair of jeans for everything do you? So why would you wear the same makeup for every single day? Try putting your makeup into categories like you would your clothing

  • dressy occasions
  • office
  • casual

These three categories are a good place to start when considering putting your makeup wardrobe together. You wouldn’t wear your full-on smoky eye makeup with false eyelashes and the whole bit while home on the weekend as much as you would probably not go bare-faced to an evening party. Thinking beyond color, here are some things to ask yourself when looking to wardrobe your makeup:

  • What kind of coverage and texture do I want for my skin – sheer? matte? silky? full coverage?  Will your everyday foundation work or do you need to consider an additional one.
  • Do I need a mascara that is going to give me “pow” lashes or give false eyelashes a try? Does my daily mascara give my lashes a full-on glamour look or more likely something you may quickly swipe on to give you a more polished look if running errands on the weekend.
  • Do I have a lipstick that is going to give me some staying power thru a dinner or evening party or a gloss that I will have to worry about reapplying several times throughout the evening
  • Are there days when my skin is more dry than others? Or more oily? Do I have a foundation I can apply quickly for those casual days or when I’m running late to work? Do my raging hormones make my skin look more drained than other days?
  • Does that one “it’s my favorite and I’m going to wear it as long as they make it, it’s my signature” lipstick doing it for you on every occasion? Maybe a few additional textures and colors will bring you more up to date.
  • Or the “I wear black liner, only black liner and I’ve worn it for years” – it may be time to consider adding fun and exciting shades in your eye liner wardrobe.

Quick compact or stick foundations

Lightweight foundations and tinted moisturizers

Full coverage foundations

Personally, I own several types of foundations as my skin is constantly changing along with my daily life situation.  One foundation cannot do it all and two or 3 foundations in your makeup wardrobe may give you the best options. Yes, foundations are typically expensive – more so than a tube of mascara, but it’s the foundation on which to build your look and is the most important part of your makeup collection.
  • For casual days, I own a tinted moisturizer and a foundation compact – both of these work great when looking for a more casual look but still want a polished look.
  • For the office, I use a liquid foundation and have a few shades and textures as my skin on some days is dry, other days oily and yet other days I feel I need more coverage.
  • For dressier occasions I tend to go for either a cream foundation for a medium-full coverage or a liquid foundation – again depending on what my skin feels like that particular day.
I am a mascara junkie, and before I grab my next tube of choice I always consider these things:
  • Am I creating a smoky eye and want full-on volume and length?
  • Do I just want to add some definition to my sparse lashes because I am running a few errands and not wearing eye makeup, but want to look a bit more polished?
  • Or I am in meetings all day and I want something reliable that’s not going to look too glamorous and make me look nice.
I have about four mascaras always in rotation (lasting about 3 months each) depending on my look for the day and knowing how each mascara works with my particular lashes and the look I will get out of them.
One lipstick does not do it all:
  • Lipsticks come in all kinds of colors and formulas.  A full coverage lipstick may not be the best option for running to the health club.
  • Do I want to give my lips a punch of color or have them more natural looking
  • A swipe of gloss in a nude shade would be perfect in a variety of situations, and mixing it with a lipstick too.
Consider at least 2 glosses – nude and color, and at least 3 lipstick in a variety of textures and shades.
Building your makeup wardrobe will help you to look best in any daily situation and get you out of your makeup rut and into a more youthful look that suits you best.