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How vigilant are you about making sure that the procedures you are having done on your face and body are done by a professional? Personally I would never go to a “strip mall” type medispa or a salon to get a procedure like skin laser or peel done.  I don’t do botox or fillers as a personal choice, but if I did, I would only go to a professional of my choosing after doing a lot of research into their credentials and others recommendations. It’s your face and it’s nothing to mess with so take extra precautions. It’s not a hair cut that can grow back after a few weeks if you don’t like it or a hair color that you can change in a matter of hours.

I’ve had friends and acquaintances tell me that they had this or that procedure done at these types of places and I instantly cringe. I can honestly say that luckily they have all turned out OK with their procedures, but how much do you really know about these types of medispas.  Not all are created equal, and here in MN they are regulated differently than many other states – so know your state’s laws and your rights if something unfortunate were to happen.

Monday night while watching the local news, they did this fantastic story that is worth watching and learning from.  Know who you are seeing, ask questions on what they would do in the “what if ” situation and know the credentials of the person behind the needles, machines, peels etc.  Besides, you only have one face and one body.