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I’ve been keeping a lid on this one for a few months now.   I was lucky enough to see this FABULOUS Exotic Jewels Collection when I was in NYC in September.   Our blogging group went to the Victoria’s Secret offices and they showed us several of their upcoming collections.  

To be honest, most of their fragrance collections are just not my thing – great for gifts to give the younger women in my family, but not for me.   But this Exotic Jewels collection by Heidi Klum just blew me away.   It is simply gorgeous –  from the product to the packaging.   I received many pieces from this collection (unfortunately not in the pretty packaging for some pieces) and the eye shadows are yummy, the lipsticks are as creamy as ever, the gloss is super shiny and not sticky, the mascara is wonderful and the glitter liquid liner is simply divine and the little colored balls called Face Gems are like little jewels.    Can you tell I like this collection!  

This collection is inspired by her life-changing trip to the spiritual city of Varanasi, India.   She and Seal renewed their wedding vows there.   You can see the influence of India in the gorgeous packaging and colors of the makeup.    Here’s an extra “bonus” with the lipstick and gloss – they smell and taste like CHOCOLATE!   Not like a bad, oh that’s trying to be chocolate – but more like you just ate something chocolate and the taste is still on your lips!

This is one of my favorite Holiday Collections and I highly recommend checking it out!