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Happy Mother’s Day to all the moms everywhere!

Unfortunately I am unable to spend it with my boys, as they are away in college and it’s finals week.   But I feel very blessed to have them and happy to know that they will be home later this week. 

But for me it is sad in other ways too.   I lost my mom nearly six short months ago and this is my first Mother’s Day without her.


She was a beautiful woman and strong beyond imagination, and taught me so much more than she ever knew.   She was not the kind of mom that was free with the hugs and kisses, although you knew you were always loved, and she cherished her family dearly.

I think my mom always had bigger dreams than being a farmer’s wife, but accepted the life she chose.   Always busy with us 5 kids, always working, always at our sporting and school events, and her grandkids’ as well.   I remember as a kids going to a restaurant or the grocery store in our small town and people would ask me if I was Dorothy’s daughter and they would comment that “your mom is so pretty, or your mom is so nice”, even to the day she died.

There are many times when something happens in my life and I think I should call mom and tell her, only I can’t.   In fact, I haven’t been able to for nearly 12 years now.  See, back then she had a stroke.   A few smaller ones over a few days and then she seemed to be getting better after a few days.  But then, on my 35th birthday, she had a massive stroke that changed her life and our family’s lives forever.   She was left paralyzed from the chest down and unable to speak for the rest of her life.

She was only able to move her left thumb and pointer finger, but she was stronger and more determined than anyone I know.   Left to communicate only by pointing to the letters on a letterboard, she still remained happily a part of everyone’s lives.


In fact, with only her slight finger movements she was able to type on a keyboard and write her life story, one finger at a time, slowly punching the keys.   It took her months and months to do this, and when she finished, she no longer had the energy it took to type.   I’m so thankful she was able to do  this, and all of us kids have her life story in a book.

She never wanted anyone to feel sorry for her, she just wanted to enjoy your company.   She always wanted to be involved in all the lives of her children, grandchildren and great-grandchildren.   We all made sure she was a part of our lives, even though hers had drastically changed.

You taught us so many things mom, and I will always miss being able to call you up or visit with you when I am back home.   I only hope I am at least half the mom you were.

I love you, and miss you dearly, especially this Mother’s Day.