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Kari 1st Birthday

Today is my birthday, the big 4-6! (Yes, that’s me on my first birthday opening gifts) I look forward to another beautiful year!

I like to look back and evaluate all that has happened in the past year and try and make it at least as great as the previous one and add a few things on to make it a better year. Here are a few things that come to mind…

I look forward to finally meeting some of my fellow beauty bloggers this year – what a joy it has been to be doing this and reading amazing things from other bloggers.

I will learn to embrace my new found empty nester status this fall, rather than fear the unknown.

Kari 1st Birthday

I hope to travel more – there’s so much of this exciting world I have yet to see.

I promise I will make myself less stressed this year. I am slowly learning that it is best for everyone in my life as well as for me, to learn to “let it go”.

And most of all, laugh more. Because nothing’s more enjoyable than a good hearty laugh and a smile, that and a 1 year old on a tractor!