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It’s difficult for me to think Spring Collections in December.   But then again, after the snowstorm we had here in MN on Saturday, I know I will be ready for an early spring!   Yes, we had over 20″ of snow and now are getting -30 temps with the windchill.   Brrr.    I now am ready to look at pretty spring colors and Guerlain is putting a smile back on my face. 

Here’s a peek at the new Guerlain Spring Collection Sur Me Levres, and it is lovely.   It’s not due in stores until January and I can’t wait!  Sur Me Levres means “on my lips” and this is one that will be talked about for quite some time.   It reminds me of the tropics and  the vibrant oranges and pinks that are seen in tropical flowers. 

Starting at the top left the Série Noir Rouge G  lipsticks are in a black case for this collection, not the typical silver tone.  This is a lighter, creamy version of the famous Rouge G lipstick and comes in 4 limited edition shades.  $46 ea

  • 24 Rouge Sensuel – a bold shade
  • 45 Orange Euphorique – a vibrant orange
  • 70 Fuchsia Délice – a vibrant fuchsia
  • 71 Rose Désir – a lighter pink shade  

Top right is the Ecrin 6 Colours Eye Shadow Palette Rue de Rivoli.  $84.  This palette is spendy, but everyone who has tried the Fall Collection Eye Shadow palette in this new case says it’s worth every penny.  I presume everyone will feel the same about this one for spring.   I know I personally really like the shades.  There are 3 textures to the 6 shadows; matte, pearly and shimmery.  A bold fuchsia in the center surrounded by nudes, a soft gold, pearly white and shimmering brown and what looks to be a lavender and plum shade for lining. 

On the bottom right is the Blush G with 4 shades in a black case and black velvet pouch lined in fuchsia.  $65.  These colors can be worn individually – lower shades as a highlighter, middle and top shades as a brightener or sweep a brush thru all four to create a customized look.   I have a feeling this will be the star piece to the collection.

Bottom left shows the Météorites compact in a variation of nude shades. $56.   There are 3 shades

  • Harmony 01-Teint Rosé
  • Harmony 02 – Teint Beige
  • Harmony 03 – Teint Doré

This compact gives a matte finish with a radiant look.  This is what Guerlain says about the Meterorites:    “The secret of these fabulous matted pearls lies in the composition and reconstruction of pure, absolute light. When light passes through a prism, the white light separates into a spectrum of colours. Inversely, all of these colours together recreate ideal light, which is used in photography and film to erase imperfections and soften features. An expert in colours, Guerlain decided to use this technology to add dazzling radiance with unrivalled purity to women’s faces.  In one brushstroke, women mix the colours into a beautiful harmony and adorn their skin with a veil of perfection.”  I think that sound beautiful and is something women over 40 would love for hiding our “imperfections”!

Available in January at select Nordstrom, Neiman Marcus, Saks Fifth Avenue, Bergdorf Goodman, Sephora and Bloomingdales.