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The Guerlain Holiday 2010 Collection called “Collection Les Ors” is composed of pieces with the iconic Guerlain symbol of the bee. You’ll notice the bee symbol imprinted in one of the beautiful eye shadows in the quad along with the honeycomb imprint on the remaining three.   It’s also on the mascara, fragrance, Meteorites and more. 

The eye shadow quad consists of a golden shimmer, two shades of plum and a charcoal black to use for a liner.   These are quite the lovely shades.   The Le 2 Volume mascara comes in their unique mascara package with the volumizing mascara on one end and for holiday, the other end has a golden pearly lacquer to apply on top of the lashes after you’ve applied mascara.      

Meteorites Poudre D’Or is a pressed powder with a refillable compact. (Shown open on the left)  This season the shades are violet – consisting of pale pink, and a white with the bee imprint over a bed of iridescent beige.  The compact is pebble shaped in white gold metal and has a cover delicately adorned with an embossed rosette and gilded bee and a sprinkling of black Swarovski crystals.   Stunning!

KissKiss Strass (front left and back middle) has two limited edition shades for the holiday.  #323 Rouge Imperial which is a deep red and #363 Rose de la Reine is a rosy beige.  On the far right is their fabulous Rouge G Le Brilliant Lipstick.  I don’t own this shade, but have another shade and love the creamy richness of this formula.   The case is like no other lipstick case.  When you pull the bottom of the tube out of the case, a mirror automatically pops up.  On the holiday shade B64 Bee, which is a rich violet shade with golden pearls, the bee is stamped on the mirror.  This too is a limited edition.

Meteorites Perles d’Or is shown above and below.   For holiday, Meteorites has a metal case with the rosette stamped on the top along with the golden bee.    Inside are six shades of pearls – a copper gold and iridescent white, neutral white gold and pearly apricot and pink and violet.   The shades work in harmony to warm up a dull complexion, and pink to brighten and copper and white to illuminate.

If you know me, you know I can become reluctant to try some shimmer powders.   Too much shimmer and you can look like the Tin Man.  Wrong shade of shimmer can make you look fake rather than glowy.   I love how these pearls add a beautiful and light shimmer.

Aren’t they just beautiful?!    So soft and lovely looking.    I use my highlighting brush to pick up the variety of shades and so you don’t get too much on the brush for application.  This brush helps to give the perfect, soft glow.   And that’s exactly what we want – a soft glow, not an unnatural shine. 

Guerlain Holiday Collection is available at stores now.   I love this collection and think it is very wearable for most everyone.  So classic and timeless.  My only hesitation would be the mascara with the golden lacquer top, as I don’t see myself putting gold on my lashes. 


I received Meteorites from Guerlain.