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Last week I had the great opportunity to meet Roddy Gregg, national makeup artist with Dior.   He’s a wealth of makeup knowledge, personality plus like a burst of fresh air and knows how to glam up a woman!  

I was off to a birthday dinner right after meeting him, so he wanted to glam up my eyes and he did so beautifully.  (This photo is 5 hours after he did them, and they still looked fab!)


Roddy used Dior Palette #970.   Here is how he created these eyes and a few tips as well.

First he took the lightest shade and applied it to the inside corners of the eye-right where it meets the nose.  We all have natural dark shading there and Roddy’s tip is to apply light shade eyeshadow here as this will help to open up the eyes. 

Next he took the medium shade and applied it to the eyelid.  The next darker shade was applied at the crease of my eye – not going too high onto the browbone.    Another Roddy tip is when you use your eyeshadow brush and want to use it for more than one color – take one of those triangular sponge makeup applicators and rub the brush into it – it takes out the excess shadow.

In the outer corner of my eye, Roddy took the darkest color and applied it to the outer corner – again, not going too high onto the browbone.  He then took the pale pink (2nd lightest shade) and applied it on the browbone and blended on the eye overall.  


For lining my eyes he used the eye pencil Trinidad Black to really make them pop.   His tip is to make small strokes, but DO NOT lift your pencil up off the eye.   He said you will not be able to come back down in the same spot – therefore not giving you a nice even line.  

Under the eye he swept the dark shadow about 2/3 of the way starting from the outer corner and took a medium shade and finished off under the eye.   He used Dior Blackout mascara and his tip is to apply from the top of  the lashes and roll the brush out.   Then go from the bottom and zig-zag your way to the tip, getting every lash covered to the fullest. 

I loved how my eyes looked!   Be sure to come back for some exciting new Dior product coming out this Fall.  You wont want to miss it!