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Golden Globe Awards 2010 - PRESS ROOM

“Julianna has such beautiful skin and a gorgeous beaming smile, that I wanted to keep the colors subdued and let her natural skintone shine through,” said Kristofer Buckle for NARS Cosmetics. “I didn’t want to use too much color because it might have taken away from her. I wanted it to be all about Julianna so I focused on highlighting her skin by encouraging shine and glow.”

Below is Kristofer’s step-by-step to recreate Julianna’s look:


· Using fingers apply Orgasm Illuminator (NEW for Spring 2010) down the center of the nose, across cheekbones, and on the apples of the cheeks

· Apply Firming Foundation all over face, mixing in with the Orgasm Illuminator

· Re-apply Orgasm Illuminator over the entire complexion to encourage shine [Kristofer’s tip: “I used the Flat Concealer Brush to apply the Orgasm Illuminator on top of the foundation creating high gleam.”]


· Apply both sides of Cordura Duo Eyeshadow into the crease and all over the eyelid

· Dab the sooty dark brown side of Cordura Duo Eyeshadow on the outer part of the eye [Kristofer’s tip: “I love the shimmering iridescent in this eyeshadow. A metallic iridescence softens the smokiness of an eye allowing it to look like it is part of the skin rather than looking gothic.”]

· Next, use the sable shade from Brousse Duo Eyeshadow and lightly dust under lower lash line

· Then, lightly tap Orgasm Illuminator (NEW for Spring 2010) on the inside corner of the eye

· Curl the eyelashes and apply Larger Than Life Lengthening Mascara


· Apply Cruising Lipstick (NEW Spring 2010)

· Next, layer Ophelia Lip Gloss (NEW Spring 2010) over the lipstick [Kristofer’s tip: “I love this soft pink, it adds just the right amount of color.”]


· Dust Super Orgasm Blush onto the apples of cheeks


· Blend Orgasm Illuminator (NEW for Spring 2010) all over neck and décolletage

Orgasm Illuminator will be available at Sephora on February 1 and all other NARS Cosmetics are available online at NARS Cosmetics