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My dermatologist recently told me about glo•minerals makeup.  She said it’s the only mineral makeup they recommend as it’s free of harmful ingredients, made with pharmaceutical grade ingredients and good for the skin.  Not a fan of some of the mineral makeup I’ve tried in the past, I must have snubbed my nose when she spoke of glo•minerals because she gave me a look back and said I really ought to give the line a try.   Yah right.  Me and mineral makeup do not mix well.  I walked out of the office after my appointment and never gave glo•minerals another thought.  Until recently that is.  See I’ve been getting a lot of information on glo•minerals and at first I just would hit the delete button on my computer.  I had no interest whatsoever.   Then after about getting a minimum of 10 various emails on glo•minerals I thought, I needed to possibly change my opinion on checking out the line.  Mineral makeup isn’t going away, my dermatologist recommended it, glo•minerals has won several awards, but the funny thing is – what really opened my mind to giving at least the shadows a try is that they aren’t loose powder.   I’m not of fan of  loose powder eye shadows and many mineral makeup companies only offer loose powder shadows.

After trying out the glo•minerals eyeshadow I admit, I may have to check out more.   The eye shadow has a nice consistency, stays put, didn’t irritate my skin, and it has intense pigmentation.   I may have to reconsider and check out more pieces from the line.  glo•minerals is a division of the glo•professional company – the makeup division I have been speaking about and the glo•therapeutics, a skincare division.

The makeup is made with advanced anti-oxidant blends of vitamins A, C, E and green tea extract.  They contain broad spectrum UV protection and the powders are triple milled for extra fine smoothness.  They are also talc, perfume and dye free.  They are also paraben and gluten free with the exception of a few products which are listed on their website.    These are the other reasons my dermatologist recommended glo•minerals, as it contains these ingredients that are anti-inflammatory and help the skin after someone has had treatments on their skin, like lasers, peels etc which can make skin more sensitive for a time.

I guess it’s funny what we find when we open our mind to new experiences.


Eye shadow sent for consideration of review.