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The newest addition to the Giorgio Armani Beauty line of foundations is this Lasting Silk Compact Foundation with SPF 35, not to be confused with the Luminous Silk Powder that I recently spoke about.    I was anxious to see this when Nicole called to tell me it was in at Nordstrom.   She knows how oily I get in the summertime and thought this would be a perfect foundation.

Well, it is a beautiful foundation.  Of course it is, it’s Armani!  

First she applied a little foundation on an area with a dry sponge and it melded beautifully with my skin.  Then on another area she took a slightly damp sponge and smoothed it on, as it can be used either way.   Again, it is an incredibly flawless application.   I loved the feel and look.  I was thrilled!  However, my only difficulty is the shade colors available.   It’s like I’m right in between two shades.  The 4 is too dark yellow for me, the 3.5 is almost right, but not quite and the 3 is too pink.   I was so disappointed that I couldn’t find a shade to work on me because it would be perfect for me in the summer with my oily skin.  

If you like the ease of a powder foundation, but don’t like a heavy, powdery look, you may want to give this a try.   You’ll be amazed at the silky smooth look your skin has.