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Let’s face it, the Hollywood stars look quite stunning on the red carpet – not only in their attire, but their skin looks stunning as well.  Who better to get to the bottom of how to get that red carpet ready skin than Kate Somerville herself, founder of Kate Somerville Skincare and the Kate Somerville Skin Health Experts Clinic, skin clinic to many of Hollywood’s elite.

Fab Over Forty was lucky to get Kate to break away from her busy schedule to answer a few questions that we’re all dying to know.  I asked Kate, “Since you have so many Hollywood clients and we’re coming upon award season, what kind of skincare treatments are they typically looking for and what can we use at home to replicate that service?” 

DermalQuench Oxygen Therapy is one of the most popular treatments at the clinic. The esthetician begins by exfoliating the skin with enzymes and gentle acids. Then she uses an airbrush applicator to push serum that’s formulated with vitamins and hyaluronic acid into the skin cells. She finishes with the application of a moisturizer that’s packed with peptides, rich emollients and ingredients to further lock in hydration. This treatment is particularly beloved by celebrities who are about to hit red carpet events because it ups  the hydration level in their skin keeping it supple, hydrated, smooth and dewy.

A Microcurrent treatment is great before a big event, as the results are immediate.  Microcurrents are very small electrical impulses that mimic those naturally occurring in the body. They trigger chemical reactions at the cellular level to encourage the production of collagen and elastin, as well as help to bring oxygen to the skin cell by enhancing circulation. A popular treatment at my clinic, it also works to reeducate muscles and lift them back into shape. When done well, microcurrent can sculpt and contour the facial muscles for a firm, plump and youthful result.

Titan is a simple laser procedure that heats the dermis, adding thickness to the skin. It stimulates your collagen to tighten sagging and reduce wrinkles and can be used on your face and neck. It is the first light-based system approved by the FDA for the safe treatment of lax skin. I frequently recommend the Titan for my celeb clients because there is absolutely no downtime, it’s so safe that we can do it the night before the Oscars and the Emmy Awards.

Kate offers some at-home facials/tips that anyone can do for a quick treatment, especially if you don’t have the time or the cash to go to a salon or clinic, this is a great alternative!

  • Cleanse :  dip a cotton ball in heavy cream or milk and use it to cleanse your face. The lactose enzymes dissolve the dirt and debris and the milk proteins nourish the skin.
  • Steam:  fill a large bowl with water that is hot enough to be steaming.  Place two drops of essential oil in the water and place your face over the bowl for 2-3 minutes. The steam will help open your pores, releasing impurities and dead skin cells from the surface of  the skin. You can also place a washcloth in the warm water, wring it out and then lay it over your face for 2-3 minutes.
  • Exfoliate:  (Yogurt mask) Apply a teaspoon of plain, organic yogurt to your face and leave it on for about 5 minutes. The lactose in the yogurt will gently dissolve the dead skin cells and leave your skin looking polished and feeling smooth.
  • Treatment mask to calm any inflammation:
  1. A honey mask is great for all skin types, especially acne or dry, because honey is a great hydrator. Take a teaspoon of honey and massage it onto your clean skin. Leave the honey mask on for about 10 minutes and then rinse with warm water.
  2. Egg-white mask:  egg whites are high in vitamin A and are effective for drying blemishes and for overall toning and tightening of the complexion.  Separate one egg white into a bowl and stir slightly. With a brush or cotton pad, apply the egg white onto your face. Allow it to dry, which should take about 10 minutes and then wash it off with warm water.
  3. To reduce redness and swelling and calm any sensitivities, grab a cucumber from the fridge and slice into thin slices. Lie down and carefully place them onto your face.
  4. For tired eyes grab a cool potato from the fridge, chop into very small pieces and bind them in two pieces of cheesecloth; place on your eyes for about 10 minutes. Or you can use potato slices that have been soaked in cool water.
  5. Another thing that works are tea bags. Steep two bags of green tea in hot water and allow time to cool.  Lie down and place one bag over each eye. The caffeine in the bag will help tighten the tissue and reduce puffiness.
  6. Place two spoons in the fridge or freezer for 15-30 minutes and then lay them across your eyes for about 5 minutes. The cold metal will help to depuff and reduce tired circles!
Kate, I personally am a fan of your skincare products.  Which ones do you recommend that we can use at home to give us that red carpet ready skin?
  • Use products with gentle acids such as Kate Somerville Micro Lactic Polisher and the Micro Glycolic Polisher a few times a week. Retin-A is great for keeping pores clear and stimulating collagen and elastin to tighten pores over time.
  • Exfoliate!  ExfoliKate Intensive Exfoliating Treatment has been touted by the press as “the next best thing” to seeing me in my clinic! Fruit enzymes dissolve dead skin cells, round microbeads buff them off the surface and lactic and salicylic acids further dissolve dead cells and work to lighten discoloration. I also have ExfoliKate Gentle, which uses the same combination as the original, but it’s less intense.
  • Quench Hydrating Mask is an incredibly soothing and hydrating mask that restores water and moisture to the complexion.
  • Treatments such as Quench Hydrating Face Serum, Total Vitamin Antioxidant Complex and HydraKate Line Release Face Serum, provide many benefits to your skin.
  1. Quench Hydrating Face Serum delivers lipids to plump up the skin cells and lock in moisture. It also has an advanced form of vitamin A to aid cell turnover.
  2. Total Vitamin is a cocktail of vitamins that the skin needs to fight free radicals: B vitamins reduce general skin stress;  vitamin C brightens; and vitamin E and green tea extract and other botanicals nourish the skin.
  3. HydraKate has peptides, amino acids and hyaluronic acid to give you immediate tightening effects, hydration and reduce wrinkles.
  • For Body, my Sommerville 360° Tanning Towelettes are simple-to-use, streak-free tanning towels that give your body a golden glow. It is a paraben-free formula that delivers beautiful color, without the damage associated with tanning. Now available are self-tanning pads for your face!
Thanks Kate!  I personally can attest to the effectiveness of many of your products and the DermalQuench Oxygen Therapy that I’ve had a few  times.  I’m now anxious to try a few more of these products and home remedies as well!