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You don’t need to be a professional to have good makeup brushes and if you’re not a professional artist you don’t need to have super expensive brushes either. But, I will insist you have a set of useful good quality brushes!  They can however, make all the difference on how your makeup looks. Some of the brushes I’ve had for years include Sephora brand brushes that are my g0-to everyday use brushes and they don’t disappoint.

For the holidays they have several makeup brush sets, including this one – the Prestige Luxe Brush Set. It’s valued at $325 but sells for $125 and comes in a gold tone box and inside is the black shimmer embossed padded case. You get every brush you need – the basics and a little more, in natural and synthetic fibers.

The inside of the makeup case is divided into a left and right – on the left are the face brushes and the right eye and lip.  There is a protective flap that covers the brushes to prevent color transfer.  The fabric is a soft velour felt.

For the face brushes you receive a big fluffy powder brush, a blush brush, a fan brush (the fan brush comes with a shaped cover to it which I personally recommend keeping on the brush to maintain the shape), a foundation brush (which rivals my Chanel foundation brush) and a concealer brush.

On the right side is the eye and lip brushes which include a shadow brush, a crease brush, a smudge brush, a brow brush, an angle liner, a lip brush and a brow comb.

All the brushes are full sized head and full sized handles.  The ferrule is gold tone and each brush is labeled for its purpose (on the back side of where “Sephora” is written).  Overall, this is an excellent quality set and price and they have other sets in various sizes/brushes for the holidays too.

Product received for consideration of review – all opinions are my own