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Just last week the FTC made their final ruling on disclosure policies for blogs.   I’ve been hearing about the rumblings of this since early summer, but things became official last week and go into effect December 1, 2009.    I personally don’t have a problem with their new rules, except for the fact that for some reason the blogs that are associated with magazines don’t have to comply – which does rub me the wrong way.  But oh well, isn’t that why some of us have blogs anyway, because we’re not really sure about what the magazines are saying?

So here’s what they have to say in a nutshell and how it affects Fabulous Over Forty: I have to tell you when I have received compensation for a product, which includes the actual product.    I have to tell you if I have advertisements that I get payment for and if I get paid for writing a post relating to said product.    If I don’t disclose that, I can get fined up to $11,000.  

Here’s where Fabulous Over Forty stands to date, and I won’t say things won’t change in the future:

1.  See those 3 colorful always changing ads on my site – one on the top and two down the right side – I get paid by a 3rd party ad company to have those on my site.   I am contracted with Total Beauty, which they find the ads and they put them on my site so I don’t have to do the work on that.   To me writing about product is more fun than doing the time consuming task of trying to find an advertiser so I let them handle that.    And let me tell you – it does not cover the expenses of this blog!  The text ads on the right side  which are from Google Ads – same thing – they change them over and I don’t need to worry about it.

2.   I do not receive financial payment from a company for writing a story.  

3.  I do at times receive product from PR firms or companies themselves asking me to try their product and talk about it.   It doesn’t change my opinion in any way about the product and I would never say I loved a product if I truly didn’t – whether given to me or not.   But as I always say, what does or doesn’t work for me – you may not have the same results – that’s why we’re all not clones. 

4.  The products I do get from companies, I keep and do not send back to them like the FTC thinks we should.  Besides, who in their right mind would want back a jar of skin care that has been used for several weeks?   I find it rather gross to think they would get back used product and I’m sure they do too.

5.  Any link to a website where said product is sold is merely for your convenience, not my compensation.

I am not sure how I am permanently going to have this on my site, but I am working on figuring that out.   In the meantime, I will let you know on each post if I purchased the product or not.