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MakeUpMiser review and giveaway!

makeup miser


How many times have you tossed a foundation, lipstick, serum or blush because you just couldn’t get any more out of the container? I am sure that the waste factor is high because it’s simpler to replace those products than it is to struggle with saving that last little drop. Think of the money you could save if it was easy to finish those precious products!

MakeUpMiser is the answer to cutting back on the waste. Don’t waste or replace your products until you use these nifty little spatulas to grab the last bit of your favorite makeup.

Makeup spatulas

These makeup spatulas are longer than those cotton tips that so many of us use to dig inside containers. They are flexible and have an FDA approved rubber tip. I do not advocate sticking fingers inside cosmetic bottles and this is the perfect answer to keeping your items bacteria free.

Many times I mix different shades of lipstick to create my own. These handy little tools are perfect for mixing any product; lipstick, foundation, etc., to create your own custom created shades. Remove the last bit of lipstick from those tubes and put in a plastic 7-day pill container and you will have your own little travel size makeup container.

I would like to see all cosmetic counters equipped with MakeUpMisers. That way, whenever we want to “test” a product prior to purchase, which is always a good idea, we can be assured that no one else has contaminated the unsullied products. MakeUpMisers come in a set of three different sized spatulas and are priced at only $ 19.95 per set but are currently available for purchase at only $ 14.95 a set.

Think of the mixing possibilities and the bucks that you can save just by using these proficient cosmetic tools.  Available at MakeUpMiser and Amazon.com.

The contest is now closed.  Anne was randomly chosen as the winner!

MakeUpMiser has offered to give away a set of the tools to a lucky reader of Fab Over Forty.  To enter for a chance to win:

  1. Enter your name in comments and if you see yourself using this more for beauty or skincare products
  2. Read disclosure
  3. Contest ends Tuesday, Sept. 3 at 11:59 p.m. CST
  4. Good luck!


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