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To keep my What Not To Wear stars’ book theme going, today I want to talk about Clinton Kelly’s book – Freakin’ Fabulous – How to Dress, Speak, Behave, Eat, Drink, Entertain, Decorate, and Generally Be Better Than Everyone Else.  Whew!  I now need a nap after saying that title.

I also met Clinton Kelly at the same book signing last fall with Carmindy, and Nick Arrojo.  I knew Clinton was tall, but he is super-tall – if I remember correctly something like 6’4″, and as nice and adorable as ever too.   The three of them seriously are as nice as ever. 

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clinton-kellyThe first time I picked up Freakin’ Fabulous, I just took a glance and it seemed to be all over the place.   It reminded me of someone who has ADHD and decided to write a book and put it all out there for the public to see.   It was rather hard to follow along.    Partly because the first time I tried to read it I was cranky and just wanted something fun and entertaining and I had a difficult time doing that. 

Then about 3 weeks later I picked it up again and said to myself “give it a chance this time”, and besides, it has the word “Fabulous” in the title – how bad could it be?   Well, this time I really enjoyed it!
Yes, it is all over the place – I work with several hyper creative types and have a son who can be hyper (who is very funny) and Clinton’s humor and writing style reminded me of all of them – witty, snarky, but genuinely kind, so this time I got it!

Yes, he covers a lot of territory in the book (as the name indicates) but he does it in short, quick bursts to keep it entertaining and not dragging out to lose your attention.   But to the guts of it, it really is a book to remind us all of how we should be conducting ourselves.  

In this age of instantaneousness of twitter, texting and the such, have we lost all the common graces?  Have we forgotten or possibly never have been taught about manners and grammar and how to behave in public, and proper dress, and how to throw a party.  Some of the younger generations may feel like that is such a throw-back in time, but I say never! 

So I say to Clinton Kelly, THANK YOU for this book!   What a fun, humorous, snarky, yet highly informative book you have given us.   I only wished I had been in a better mood the first time I tried to read it!