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Guest post by Brendy Booth of Body One Wellness

Recently, I attended a seminar in which a local physician spoke on Women’s Heart Health. The audience was buzzing with enthusiasm and could not wait to get their questions answered. At the end of the presentation a woman asked, “What does being fit mean?” The doctor struggled to provide a succinct response, but with some thought said it was very individual. So, why with the BMI data, healthy weight charts, hip to waist ratio calculators, cardiovascular tests and blood screens don’t we have an exact answer? I know we have heard it; eat better, exercise, don’t smoke, get eight hours of sleep, reduce stress the list goes on and on. Here are some common themes to ponder which might help you find your own personal answer.

“F” for Feeling.

You regularly possess a sense joy and calm well-being.

You usually get a restful night’s sleep and feel energized and ready for the day.

You are generally free of bodily aches and pains. 

You possess mental clarity and the ability to live in present moment.

You are typically happy and self-confident.

 “I” for Intuition.

You are in touch with your senses and are aware of messages that may come in many forms, i.e. food cravings that may signal a need for specific nutrients.

You practice body awareness and are an advocate for your own health. You question your health care providers and get a second opinion when necessary.

You listen to messages in your dreams that may signal opportunities for growth or change.

You are open to finding and following your bliss.

You listen to signs and accept that you cannot control or change the world around you.

“T” for Trust.

You allow time for changes to be made to your body and health (It takes time to learn, and perform the necessary work, which provides lasting results).

You believe in your ability to make changes and see results.

You envision what this change looks like to you and are committed to seeing it through.

Brenda Booth, NASM-CPT & Intrinsic Coach® Health & Wellness
Chief Inspiration Officer, Body One Wellness, LLC
[email protected]